What are the applications of a mobile jammer

The main role of a mobile/cell phone jammer is to block or jam the entire frequency spectrum used by cell phones and Network towers. There are jammers which can be asked to jam a specified spectrum range and allow the rest of the spectrum to function normally.

The possible application areas of jamming system are:

Prevent industrial espionage where mobile units are used as buggingdevices.

Counter terrorism threats such as remotely detonated bombs in high risk areas.

Eliminate public nuisance in places like movie theaters, restaurants and temples.

Some of the applications of a mobile jammer are:

  1. Stop students from cheating in exams
  2. Maintain peace in schools and colleges
  3. Conduct disturbance free presentations
  4. Create no mobile zone in Hospitals
  5. Stop terrorist activities by disturbing their communications
  6. Stop people from disturbing people in public place like temples, churches, restaurants and cinema halls etc.

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