Benefits and usage of Mobile Phone Jammer

Benefits and usage of Mobile Phone Jammer

WIRELESS SPY CAMERA JAMMER is an instrument that is used for interrupting radio signals of mobile phones and camera. For General purpose it is used for hindering transmission of radio signals.

Principle of Mobile Jammer: We are aware of mobile interference technique. These instruments work on these basic principle. These Interference is caused by Jammer which sends Radio waves with the same frequency as Cell Phones and Camera uses. Due to these matching frequencies, an interference will occur which results in mobile and camera to receive signal from base stations. Every type of Mobile Jammer will contain antennas to send radio signal to interrupt connection between phones and base stations.

Now a days, Most of people from different organization work as a detective and using spy camera, spy audio devices and spy gadgets for vigilance and surveillance on others company. So, this device provides us security from these concerns and issue by jamming their signals. It has a unique design and technology that makes it different from other kind of jammers. The basic purpose of these devices is that they can disable all kind of signals of spy cameras that is working via LAN and Bluetooth bands etc. It is used for maintaining privacy and to keep environment free from noise. It can disable signals between ranges of 30m. It come in variable frequency range as per to their distance. It is portable in size, design and radius, so we can easily take it and hide it in your briefcase, packet and pockets etc. Basically it covers the frequency range of 900 MHz-2.5 GHz. It have employed with a rechargeable NI-MH battery and an adapter for its charging purpose. A spy camera jammer covers all wireless networks like PHS, DCS, 3G, 2G, CDMA, UMTS, TDMA, GSM, TACS etc…
The camera jammer will assist you in your business meetings where there is a always a chance of video recording. Nobody can record without your consent. Simple mobile jammers have not have these ability to stop video recordings of mobile phones. This facility is featured in wireless camera. They have their own importance in security, defense as well as in military.

1. Petrol Pumps
2. Military Stations and Sub Stations
3. To maintain Privacy
4. Air Ports.
5. To maintain Silence.
6. Lecture room
7. Court Campus
8. Government Bodies.
9. Church, Temple
10. Meeting room
11. Church, Temple
12. Classroom in Colleges and Schools.

1. Radius is up to 20 Meters and the strength of signal is <= -75dBm.
2. Jamming Radius depends on the signal strength in a defined area.
3. This device can continue its work when charged up to 90 minutes.
4. Supportive Power by the car cigarette charger.
5. TX frequency covered down link only.

Why Do You Need A Cell Phone Camera Jammer?

Having cameras appended to the cellphones, individuals these days have begun appreciating catching each and every minute due to which there is no room left for security. You may have gone to specific spots where you more likely than not seen an extraordinary note “photography is precluded”, yet at the same time there are numerous individuals who click pictures there. Subsequently, keeping in mind the end goal to secure the protection, there is an uncommon gadget that may resemble a little box however it can hinder the camera signs of a telephone and that gadget is called as a wireless camera blocker.

Why Do You Need A Cell Phone Camera Jammer?

wireless camera blocker

Since there are sure confined regions where catching recordings or pictures are not permitted, the wireless camcorder jammer limits the individual from making utilization of the telephone camera. For instance, numerous individuals these days record the entire film in a theater in order to offer CDs of the pilfered motion picture in the market. With a specific end goal to secure the protection of a film, there is an answer of introducing a gadget that can constrain the utilization of a wireless by obstructing the camera signals.

In view of the little size of this gadget, it is extremely less demanding to convey it anyplace you need. As soon you turn on its switch, this gadget guarantees that no one is making a video or catching a photo. Fundamentally, this gadget is utilized as a part of spots like lodgings, private workplaces, trial rooms, silver screen corridors, and so on,just like as we wear gemstones for our safety in astrological beliefs.  Gone for giving security and protection arrangements, this gadget is additionally known for its low power utilization property. You require not trouble on the off chance that you need to lead any introduction, meeting, or lawful procedures secretly. 

Make a point to get this very useful gadget immediately and keep your confined territory secure. Get the high-quality cell phone video camera jammer from a manufacturer who is known for offering the best jammers.

What are the applications of a mobile jammer?

What are the applications of a mobile jammer

The main role of a mobile/cell phone jammer is to block or jam the entire frequency spectrum used by cell phones and Network towers. There are jammers which can be asked to jam a specified spectrum range and allow the rest of the spectrum to function normally.

The possible application areas of jamming system are:

Prevent industrial espionage where mobile units are used as buggingdevices.

Counter terrorism threats such as remotely detonated bombs in high risk areas.

Eliminate public nuisance in places like movie theaters, restaurants and temples.

Some of the applications of a mobile jammer are:

  1. Stop students from cheating in exams
  2. Maintain peace in schools and colleges
  3. Conduct disturbance free presentations
  4. Create no mobile zone in Hospitals
  5. Stop terrorist activities by disturbing their communications
  6. Stop people from disturbing people in public place like temples, churches, restaurants and cinema halls etc.

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Places That Need Cell Phone Network Jammer

Places That Need Cell Phone Network Jammer

Almost everyone makes use of the mobile phones everywhere whether it is a cafe, restaurant, office theater, educational institute or any other place. Nowadays people spend most of their time on mobile phones rather than focusing on their organizational goals or spending a lot of good time with their families. Though mobile phones may help you in a number of ways, it has distracted many lives as well. This is where the cell phone network jammer comes into the play. Jamming refers to the act of obstructing something and therefore mobile phone jammer refers to obstructing the network signals to reach your mobile phone and thereby denying the access to the internet, sending text messages or phone calls. We will be discussing some places that need Cell Phone Network Jammer.

There are many Places That Need Cell Phone Network Jammer. Do you know which those places are?

i) Restaurants are the Places That Need Cell Phone Network Jammer

Many people wish to dine at restaurants for creating good and happy memories with their loved ones, but what if you spoil the entire meeting just by using your cellphone all the time. Make sure to spend quality time with your loved ones, not with your cell phone. This is the reasons why many restaurants have started installing cell phone jammer kit so that people could create beautiful relations as well.

ii) The workplace are Places That Need Cell Phone Network Jammer

There is no doubt that the access to the internet is required in most of the offices, but what about the cell phone. According to some research, it has been found that 50 percent of managers believe that it is not at all good to use a cell phone at the workplace. Making use of a cellphone in the workplace may distract you from whatever you are doing. Therefore, the cell phone network jammers are used to jam the signals for making the employees more productive.

iii) Movie theaters are Places That Need Cell Phone Network Jammer

I have been on the wrong end of a couple of cell phone calls at movie theaters in the last few years. Namely, in the middle of a movie, people’s phones not only went off, but the idiot in question answered, then proceeded to have a conversation, at normal volume, as if that’s perfectly okay, and not grounds for justifiable homicide. (At one of those films—the execrable Land of the Lost, so perhaps I should have been grateful for the distraction—I actually stood up and said to the offender, “Are you kidding me?” I like to think the rest of the audience applauded, but I couldn’t hear anything over the hate-blood pounding in my ears.)

Concert goers, Broadway aficionados, film buffs, and many more would not need to worry about such rudeness if theaters utilized jammers that kicked in the second the lights dim. Sure, there’s always emergencies, or doctors on call, or parents who must be sure the baby-sitter can reach them, etc. But those people should find a different way to spend their night out.

iv)Sometimes  At Home are the Places That Need Cell Phone Network Jammer

Parents can try parental control and monitoring software all they like, but once a kid (or even the spouse or grandparents) gets the freedom of the smartphone with data plan, good luck trying to get them to talk during family dinner.
Just as a parent has the ability and right to cut off the Wi-Fi at home, they should have the option to cut the cellular signal if desired. Grabbing phones from hands to put them in airplane mode probably won’t work, and making the house into a Faraday cage is an extreme only the tin-foil hat crowd should try. But an in-home cell jammer should be an option whenever desired or necessary. (Just keep that landline, folks.)

All of these examples of Places That Need Cell Phone Network Jammer are predicated on other lines being available for emergencies, or at the least someone having the expectation of mobility enough to get outside the jammer’s range. For now, there’s no way that even those with the best intentions could utilize the limited tech available in a way that wouldn’t disrupt services well beyond the scope of their classroom, theater, office, or home, unfortunately. If you think there’s an illegal jammer in use around you, visit the FCC online complaint portal .

But before you do, consider if you really were harmed, or if maybe, just maybe, that hour without the cell signal was the best hour of your day. Besides, if your signal is jammed, you probably can’t make the call anyway.

You need worry if you are caught yourself in the phone jamming range because there are many jammers that allow you to make an emergency call if required. So, make sure to make use of the cell phone network jammers whenever required and remember the excess use of the cell phone can be riskier for your health and beauty of your relations.

What is a Mobile Phone Jammer.

mobile phone jammer

A mobile phone jammer or blocker is a device which deliberately transmits signals on the same radio frequencies as mobile phones, disrupting the communication between  the cell-phone base station and the mobile phone, effectively disabling mobile phones within the range of the jammer, preventing them  from transmitting signals and from receiving signals . Mobile phone jammer can be used in practically any location, but are found primarily in places where a phone call would be particularly disruptive because silence is expected, such as entertainment venues.

Blocking single callers can be an annoying time waster. Mobile Phone Jammer remove that annoyance by blocking all incoming calls at once.

This process might seem complicated but it’s actually fairly simple. They release a signal that is at the same frequency as a cell phone’s signal. The Mobile Phone Jammer then broadcasts that signal out to the world. If it’s successful, cell phones will no longer receive signals in a particular location.

There are several reasons people use Mobile Phone Jammer. Business owners may want to block their employee’s cell signals to prevent workplace distractions or interruptions during meetings.

Mobile Phone Jammer also prevent cell phones from sending outgoing information. People might use a Mobile Phone Jammer as a safeguard against sensitive information leaking. It’s also been a useful method for blocking signals to prevent terrorist attacks.

People also like using Cell Phone Jammer because they give an “out of service” message instead of a “phone is off” message. This makes the cell phone owner seem unreachable to a caller. There are a number of different devices available that can jam calls just like that.

Because they disrupt the operations of legitimate mobile phone services, the use of such blocking devices is illegal in many jurisdictions, especially without a licence. When operational, such devices also block access to emergency services.

Who invented Mobile Phone Jammer?

It is not a single person who invented mobile or radio jammers. It is result of a series of modifications and inventions done over a long period of time (mostly at the time of world war) .

Legality of Mobile Phone Jammer

Since mobile phone jammer actively broadcast radio signals, they may or may not be legal to possess or operate based on the specific laws of the following countries

Australia, Brazil,Canada, European Union, France, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, Italy, United Kingdom, Iran, Israel, United States